A new department of Agro-Soyuz Holding — Agro-Soyuz-Terminal — started working in 2006.

In order to provide a full spectrum of services for customers that are engaged in Foreign Trade a customs complex — truck port «Yubileyny» — was established.

Truck port «Yubileyny» provides the following services for enterprises that are engaged in Foreign Trade:

  • Services of foreign trade commissioner (consignor) during import and export of goods that undergo customs formalities outside their accreditation zone;
  • Services of qualified customs brokers to fill in customs freight declarations and other cargo supporting documents;
  • Reception of import and export cargoes in a customs clearance zone;
  • Reception, stocking and storage of goods under customs control at the Warehouse for temporary storage and Customs and License warehouse;
  • Customs clearance of goods;
  • Reception, stocking, storage, sorting and dispatching of cleared cargoes to retail customers;
  • Support of stock in trade;
  • Loading and offloading;
  • Accounting and legal support of export and import operations;
  • Weighing of cargoes;
  • Delivery and dispatch of cargoes around Ukraine and abroad.