Agro-Soyuz’s specialists explained how to improve profitability of crop production

28.02.2018 workshop

A workshop called “Profitable technologies in crop production – a key to successful agribusiness” was held at Agro-Soyuz Holding in February, 2018.

Farmers who arrived from different regions of Ukraine found out about the world trends in conservation agriculture. The agronomist of Agro-Soyuz that have 20+ years of experience in adoption of resource-saving technology informed the audience about innovation technological solutions that have been practically tested by foreign producers.

The cover crops presentation was also very interesting: the presenter discussed their role in crop rotation, their types, optimum seeding windows and what’s the most interesting – specific measurable results of their use at agricultural enterprises.

The speaker touched upon the topics of saprophytes and mycorhiza, their role in the soil life; discussed the issues of carbon balance in the soil. Agro-Soyuz’s specialists shared their experience on management of crop protection and nutrition systems (for wheat, corn, sunflower and barley), addressed the strategy of annual and perennial weeds control and explained how to cut crop protection costs without compromising application quality.

“How to get maximum wheat yield in arid conditions?” was very interesting for the participants. It is very important to know everything about yield establishment, i.e. peculiarities of different wheat varieties, crop development stages, optimum time for fertilizer application and forms of nitrogen and phosphorus for side-dressing.

The agenda was very rich; the participants asked a lot of questions and got all the answers they needed.